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Our Services

Managed Windows VPS Cloud Servers

If your needs are modest or if you need to easily scale up or down, start with a VPS Cloud Server. All of our Windows VPS Cloud Servers are fully managed by us. We'll take care of initial set up based on your requirements, we'll provide continuous uptime monitoring and intervention and we'll be pro-actively managing the OS and your applications.

Managed Windows Dedicated Servers

Maybe you need (extremely) large RAM quantities. Or maybe you need a lot of CPU power. Or your business has to comply with specific industry standards that forbid you to use "shared" hardware for your workloads. In this case, go with our Managed Windows Dedicated Servers. Our management services will be the same as with our Managed VPS Cloud Servers but it will all be based on your own dedicated server hardware.

Linux VPS Cloud Servers

Most workloads do not require Windows Server on the backend. That's fine, and actually much more common for public internet facing workloads. All of our Cloud Servers can be provisioned with any of the common Linux distributions available. 

Linux Dedicated Servers

And of course, if you need your own dedicated server hardware based on Linux, we can provide this too. Whatever hardware configuration you need, we can build it. Just tell us about it and we'll prepare the best setup for your needs.

Unprecedented Speed. Impeccable Reliability.

Stop worrying about your site’s or your service’s speed or reliability! Need extremely fast response and loading times? Need a robust DR plan that will guarantee your site’s availability even during a natural disaster? Or do you simply need someone to take care of everything for you while you focus on your core business tasks? Just contact us and we’ll provide a solution that will cover all your business needs, at an affordable cost, with the best hosting and cloud platforms on the market.