Our Mission

"To provide a simple and trouble free cloud environment"

Our Story

Our company was founded on August 2011. At the time, our goals were the same to what they are now; to provide a simple and trouble free cloud environment. To do that, back then we were using our own servers and networking equipment which was colocated in various datacenters around the world. Our public cloud was built on our own infrastructure.

But, times have changed, technologies evolved, platforms expanded. We're still using our own server and networking infrastructure and most of our services are still based on this model. But we expanded our services on more platforms, and (many) more geographic regions. We're currently working with various dedicated server providers around the world and we're building hosting environments and services on Azure, Microsoft 365 and AWS.

We expanded our platforms to include all of these because our journey during the last 10 years of business taught us that platforms don't really matter. What matters is your business and your workload. We wont ask you what service you want from us. We'll ask you what you want to achieve. When we know that, we'll build what you need and we'll manage it for you. That's our goal, and we are committed to it!

Our Commitment